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Setting Up Your Domain Email In cPanel

cPanel Domain Email Setup 1 |

cPanel Domain Email Setup

If your web host supports cPanel and that is what you use to configure your server and website then this little tutorial should help you set up a personal domain email address for your website. It is important to set up a web domain email address if your are running a business or just want professional contact information on your website regardless of what type of site it is.

This tutorial assumes that you already have a website in place and are running it on a purchased domain name. If you have not done these two things yet then you will need to do them first before working this tutorial.

How Do I Know If I Have cPanel?

Just ask your web host! Please keep in mind that not all web hosts offer cPanel so whether you have it or not may vary. You can ask your web host to install it for you but it is usually costs extra if its not installed prior.

Some Notes About Setting Up An Email Account

  • You do not have to purchase an extra domain email account from your domain registrar. When you purchase your domain and if you see that they are offering you a deal on an email account, decline it. You do not need it. Using your own domain you can set up your own email account and save money.
  • Your email accounts may impact the amount of hard disk space you are allowed for your web hosting account. So keep that in mind as they do take up some disk space. You may want to go through and delete old mails from time to time. Usually this amount is negligible and it most likely will not be a worry for you unless you have a small disk space allowance. You will need to check with your web host for any potential issues on this matter as all web host are different.
  • You can use Thunderbird or MS Outlook to access your domain email accounts and view, send & arrange your emails. Likewise you can also use WebMail or SquirrelMail from your host. Ask your host if you do not know where to find it or how to access it.

How Do I Set The Email Up?

Setting it up is easy as pie, just follow these simple steps.

Login To cPanel

Login to your cPanel area. If you do not know your login details check with your web host and they can help you.

When you login look for the “Email Accounts” link.

Scroll down until you see this:

cPanel Domain Email Setup 1 |

*Note: Your cPanel maybe an older version so it may look a little bit differently but its the same basic principal to setting up your account.

When you find that link click on it to go to the next step.

Add Email Information

Upon opening the next page you should see this or something similar to it depending upon what version of cPanel is installed on your server.

cPanel Domain Email Setup 2 |

In the email field put what you would like the beginning of your email address to be. The “” is not something that you can change and will reflect your actual domain name so your email field will only need the word(s) that you want to show in front of the ““. So for the purpose of this tutorial we will use “webmaster” in that field. This will make your email address Shown below.

cPanel Domain Email Setup 3 |

Now click the “Password Generator” button as shown below to generate a secure password for your email account. You can skip this option and just type in a password if you prefer but it will not be as secure as using the built in cPanel generator.

cPanel Domain Email Setup 4 |

You should now see a pop up that looks like this:

cPanel Domain Email Setup 5 |

Click the “Generate Password” button to generate a secure password. Then tick the “I have copied this password into a safe place.” box after you copy the password into a safe place. Then click the “Use Password” button. The pop up will automatically go away. If you have put in your own password then just click the “Cancel” button on this popup.

Set Up Your Quota Amount

Set up your quota amount. You can tick the Unlimited radio button to allow unlimited hard disk space for this email account or you can put in an amount in MB instead. This is entirely up to you. Remember that the email account will always be limited to the size allotted for your web hosting account no matter what you pick here.

After you set up the quota amount click the “Create Account” button as seen in the screen shot below.

cPanel Domain Email Setup 6 |

Adding Your Email To Thunderbird Or Outlook

Now on the same page scroll down to the bottom to the list of email accounts you have created. Find the account that you want to set up in Thunderbird or Outlook and click the “Configure Mail Client” link shown in this screen shot. This will take you to information on setting up your mail client with this email address.

cPanel Domain Email Setup 7 |

If you have questions or comments be sure to post them here and I will do my best to answer them for you.

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