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Why is valid code important?

XHTML & CSS valid code is important in the function, visibility & compatibility of your website. Error free code will look the same in any browser increasing the likelihood of sales & enhancing your viewer experience.

The Importance Of Valid Code

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What Is Valid Code?

All websites use a form of code such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or ASP. Valid XHTML code is an industry standard that has been set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to ensure that websites run properly in any environment. With error free code a user can view a website flawlessly in any device or browser.

Why Do I Need Valid Code On My Website?

A website with invalid code will take longer to load. Your browser determines how to present each website to you when you are surfing the net. If your code is invalid then your browser has to work that much harder to relay the website information. As a result your browser will have to try and interpret or correct the code before displaying the site. If there are errors in the code it can present a seriously slow load time. Furthermore if new technology is introduced valid code ensures the compatibility of your website with little to no edits needed.

What About Those Designers/Programmers Who Say It’s Not Important?

Personally we would not recommend you using any designer or programmer that does not know the importance of valid code. If a developer tells you its not important they are probably not skilled enough or ignorant to the relevance of maintaining an error free website. Coding errors could hinder your business and livelihood. While doing your search for a web designer or PHP programmer check their web page for validity. What you find may just surprise and astonish you.

How Do I Check My Website To See If It’s Valid?

The best way to check your website to see if its running valid code is to use these online validation tools. (HTML / CSS)

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