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Finding A User ID In vBulletin

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Why Would I Need The User ID?

There may be times when you need to find a user ID within vBulletin. Some examples of why you may need the ID include reprimanding a user, editing a user account or fixing something on your website. There are other possibilities as well. If your user has somehow messed up their account, you can use the ID to find it easily and apply a fix. You may need to add a certain user as an administrator in your config file. You will need to find the User ID for that as well. And last, but not least, you may need the ID to input information into an add-on that you have installed to enhance your vBulletin website.

What Is A User ID?

The user ID is the number that vBulletin gives a user when they register for an account. This ID helps identify this user to the software and is used in any action they take on your website. Depending upon the situation, it can be important to know where you can find this information quickly.

How Do I Find The ID?

There are several ways to find the ID. The first and possibly the easiest way is to navigate to the member list on your website. Search for the member in question, and click on their username to open their profile page. Once you have the profile page open look at the top URL address bar. You should see something similar to:

The number “12” refers to the user ID.

The second way to find the ID is within the Admin Control Panel or ACP. Once you have logged in to your ACP, scroll down until you see the “Users” block on the left.

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Now you should click on the “Search for Users” link in that box.

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Once you click that link your ACP will open up the search page for user accounts. You can put in as little or as much information as you want to conduct the search here. This is entirely up to you. Once its open it should look similar to the screen shot below.

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After you have put in the information you want click the “Find” button below the “Additional Usergroups” box.

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This will open the “User Manager” page in the ACP. On this page you can quickly scroll down and find the user in question and then click on their “User Name” to open their account for editing.

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Once the account is open for editing, check at the very top of the page you should see the user’s name at the top of the top left box. The ID number is right next to the user name.

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Are There Other Ways Of Finding The ID?

Yes, there are two other ways that I’ll just mention here. There are several different ways to get to the “User Manager” page. The one outlined above probably makes the most sense if you are just editing a user account. You can get to the “User Manager” page from within the Usergroups area as well. After you login to the ACP, scroll down and find the “Usergroups” block on the left hand menu. Then click the “Usergroups Manager” link and look for the usergroup the member you need to edit is in. Click the drop down to the right and choose “Show All Primary Members“. Then click “Go“. This will take you to the “User Manager” page. Find the member you want to edit and follow the steps from above.

The Sneaky Way

You can actually skip a few of the steps mentioned above once you navigate to the “User Manager” page. On the “User Manager” page scroll down and find the user you want to get the ID for and just hover your mouse over the username link. As you hover it look in the bottom left hand corner of your browser. You should see a URL that looks something similar to:

This is actually the link you would follow to edit that profile. As you can see at the end is the number “12“, that is your user ID number.

You Should Be Set To Go!

If you have followed this article you should now be all set on finding the ID for members of your vBulletin website. Now go forth and find! If you have any questions, please post them as a comment. I’ll be happy to answer them as time allows.

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