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What Information Do I Need To Include?

I need as much information as you can provide to better understand your needs and get started. When filling out your request please be specific.

Project Details

Please be as specific with me as possible while in the quoting process so that I know exactly what you need to get your project off the ground. This includes your preferred colors, & a brief description of how you want your site to function & look as a finished product. A document with an outline of site details, content, guidelines you want in place, basic layout ideas, color ideas, special modules or add-ons, information about the software you want to run or already run on your site (software name & version number), expectations, SEO expectations, & any other information that you think may be relevant to making the process run more smoothly goes a long way in helping me know exactly what you want. The more detailed you are the better. The more information you give the better I will be able to serve your needs exactly.

Please be sure to include the following things that pertain to your website:

  • Include links to sites and designs that you like or want to model your site after.
  • A basic layout idea (1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, no columns, header, footer and so on)
  • Let me know what software you have installed on your site such as, vBulletin, WordPress, PrestaShop etc.
  • Tell me what software you would like installed.
  • An itemized list of things that you will need on the site.
  • Give me a background on your website ideas, brand or business.
  • Include your preferred color scheme.
  • Describe what functions you want on your website.
  • Let me know about any special coding, graphics or designs that you need.
  • Provide information on any web maintenance you want on the site.
  • Please include any error messages if your site has errors you need fixed.

When Will I Get An Answer?

I will get back to you within 24-48 hours unless its a weekend or a United States holiday. On a weekend or holiday it can take up to 72 hours or the first business day to get back to you.

What Are The Terms Of My Quote?

Quotes are good for a total of 14 business days, after the 14 day period you will need to get a new quote as prices or my availability may have changed. Only the items listed on the quote will be covered. If you need to amend the quote please let me know.

What If I Have A Question Before Submitting My Free Quote?

If you have any questions about the process please feel free to ask! I will be happy to answer any questions that you have prior to sending a quote.

Please use this form to submit your request for a free quote. *These fields are required.

*Full Name: Please include your full legal first & last name.

*Your Email: Please include a working email address.

*Website URL: If you currently do not have a domain, please put "No Domain" without quotes in this field.

*Website Name: Please include your website name. If you have not decided on a name or domain then please indicate "None" without the quotes.

*Budget: Please include your approximate budget in dollars. EXAMPLE: $500-$1000 / or just $500.

*Package: Please let me know which web design package you are interested in. If you need a quote for anything other than a web design package please tick "Custom". BasicStandardPremiumCustom

*Services Needed: Please indicate what service you need from me. New Site Web DesignWebsite RedesignCustom GraphicsWebsite MaintenanceSocial NetworkingCustom Skin/ThemeCustom CodingOther

*Brief Project Description: Please remember to include as much information as you can in your description. Some suggestions are listed above.

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