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9SixDesign is a multi-faceted web design firm with seasoned experience in various aspects of web design & development. This page reflects my recent works of design art.

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Here you can view all my latest projects. If you have questions about my work, the process, packages or anything else please take a look at my FAQ. Interested in list of my services? Look no further and navigate to my Services page.

Please note that 9SixDesign is formerly known as Len M. Kaiser Web Design.

Most Recent Projects

Gothic Artz Project |
Gothic Artz Project
Gothic Artz is a Gothic artistic website with poems, artwork, short stories and photography. Gothic Artz Project Details What Is Media Community |
9SixMedia Project
9SixMedia is the 9SixDesign sister site which explores all types of media including movies, tv shows, music, games & books.
Beach Connections Project |
Beach Connections Project
Beach Connections is an up and coming beach community located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This site showcases my web

Past Projects

Gunloads Project is a gun loading website & discussion forum for hunting & gun enthusiasts in which I created a custom
Oomph! Fans USA Tumblr Project |
Oomph! Fans USA Tumblr Project
Oomph! Fans USA is an Oomph! Tumblr blog dedicated to the German band Oomph! utilizing custom HTML/CSS & Tumblr networking
E-mergencia Project Details |
E-mergencia Project is a Spanish XenForo forum specializing in discussion about various emergencies and emergency situations in which I imported vBulletin Project |
Swinger’s Board Project
WARNING: The contents of this site are for ADULTS ONLY! Swinger’s Board is an adult site that I performed some
ISDC.IE Project | Project is a car enthusiasts forum in which I imported SMF 2.0 into vBulletin 4. Project Details What Is

Wait But There’s More…

Because I’ve been a web designer professionally since October 2006, I have many past clients in my portfolio. It is impossible to place them all here. I have represented the most recent active clients to keep this area updated and fresh.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me!

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