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9SixMedia Project

9SixMedia is the 9SixDesign sister site which explores all types of media including movies, tv shows, music, games & books.

Project Details

9SixMedia Project |

What Is 9SixMedia?

It is a media oriented community that encompasses all forms of media including Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games & Books & Literature.

Site Features

  • Discussion Forum
  • Media Directory
  • Videos
  • Photo Gallery
  • New Media Release Calendar
  • Media Reviews
  • Latest Media News & Articles

What Word Did I Perform?

9SixDesign performed the following tasks on this website.

  • Custom skin design
  • Custom Graphics
  • Heavy custom coding
  • Software installations
  • Adding Content
  • Custom vBulletin CMS grid layout
  • Custom widgets with live feeds
  • Maintenance

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