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Privacy Policy

9SixDesign respects the privacy of all my clients & visitors to this site. Outlined below is the 9SixDesign privacy policy.

9SixDesign Privacy Policy |

9SixDesign Privacy Policy

Please read and review my Privacy Policy below.


At this time there is no actual registration put into place for clients on this website, so there are no policies regarding it.

Customer/Client Privacy

My 9SixDesign clients & customers are important to me. Any information obtained for services you require from 9SixDesign are not shared with third parties or sub-contractors without your written consent. This information pertains to logins, and other personal website information.

Why Would 9SixDesign Need Login Information?

The only times I would need personal login information are outlined below.

  • If you need me to install your skin or theme for you on your site. Depending upon what script the skin is for I may need FTP logins, admin logins and/or cPanel or hosting logins. I may need a combination of these or all of these things to install a skin or theme.
  • If you have purchased installation services for PHP software. I will most likely at the very least need a FTP login and a hosting login or cPanel access to set up databases & install the script.
  • If you have problems on your site and request support, I may need login details on your site as well as your hosting in order to diagnose your problem.
  • If you would like me to install a module or add-on on your web site. Some installations will require both an admin login & the proper FTP details.
  • If you have purchased upgrade services for any portion of your web site. I may need FTP login details, admin logins and/or a cPanel login depending upon the script you are upgrading.
  • If you have hired me to change code in your web pages. I would need a FTP login at the very least. If your site uses software for your content then I will also need an admin login to make those edits.
  • There may be other times that I may need login information. When I do I will let you know in advance.

Remember, I highly recommend that you set up an admin/login account for the project and delete it once the work has been completed. Please also refer to my Terms Of Service for terms of any project work done on your website.

Personal Information

All personal information is kept confidential from any and all third parties including e-mail addresses, name, business name, phone numbers, credit card numbers, PayPal e-mail addresses, address, state, country, city, zip code, and any other personal information exchanged during a purchase or project. Credit card information is not stored on this server, databases or in these pages. If you prefer to not have your web site link or a screen shot of your web site in my portfolio please notify me in advance before work starts.

Steps Taken To Protect Personal Information

All client information is stored in a secured file on an external drive. My network and computer has up to date software and fire walls. No information is stored on the website itself.

Privacy Policy updated on (February 23, 2018)
As always, if you have any questions about my privacy policy, please do not hesitate to ask!
*I reserve the right to change these policies at any time without notice.

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