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Website Maintenance

9SixDesign provides complete website maintenance for any type of website including software installations, upgrades, & some light server changes. I can perform website backups, file clean ups & virus removals by request as well as many other maintenance related tasks.

Professional Website Maintenance

9SixDesign Website Maintenance |

Website Maintenance

I offer many maintenance solutions for your website. Maintenance is typically charged by the hour, but I do have some standard website maintenance packages. Packages are varied and specific. If you do not see a package for your situation be sure to get a free quote! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me!

Maintenance Services

  • Website backups through cPanel, SSH, Plesk or your web hosting account.
  • Virus & hack removals.
  • FTP file clean ups removing old files no longer used.
  • PHP software setups.
  • CMS and complete website setups.
  • Troubleshooting various issues within your website & server.
  • Fixing server configuration problems.
  • Troubleshooting software installations.

Professional Website Installations & Upgrades

9SixDesign offers professional installation & upgrade services for literally ANY PHP software on the market. I have many years of experience working with various software scripts. Installations & upgrades can range from a skin or theme to a complex add-on or plugin.

Blog, Forum & E-Commerce Maintenance

I offer the same maintenance services for blogs, forums & online shops with a few differences. Differences in maintenance will depend upon the software that is currently installed on your website. Please note that there may be some limitations with certain software platforms.

Custom Coding & Website Changes

Need some content changed on your website? Need a new graphic, menu or JavaScript installed? I provide professional custom HTML & CSS coding, edits, validations, CSS/JavaScript menu installations, & JavaScript installations for your existing website.

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