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Beach Connections Testimonial

Beach Connections Testimonial |
Will McKay /
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Beach Connections Testimonial

I can’t thank Len Kaiser enough for getting me back on track with my website. After getting nowhere with several unsuccessful “teams” that promised much and delivered little; I was very fortunate to find Len. From the beginning, his friendly and supportive attitude convinced me that I had found the right company to help me.

Building and maintaining a professional website is a challenging and daunting endeavor. From our initial brainstorming session, he understood what I was trying to achieve with my project’s ​brand, ​design​,​ and mission.

One issue that I initially had was one of communication. Outsourcing anything can be a worry. But I found Len to be very responsive with feedback. His communication skills are excellent and he keeps me updated with clear documentation that I can understand.

I ​would not have been able to launch ​my project without ​Len’s​ expertise, support, guidance, and patience. ​He saved me a lot of wasted time and money. Oh, also, he’s very amicable​. For me, that’s extremely important. ​ Thanks, Len, for allowing me to sleep better.

Will McKay

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