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Adding A Rotating Banner To vBulletin 4

vBulletin is a popular forum software. This tutorial will guide you to setting up the Rotating Banner System.

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Setting Up The Rotating Banner System

For this tutorial you will need to have already installed vBulletin 4 and the y2ksw Rotating Banner System on your web host. I’m assuming that you have them already installed or are installing them before attempting this tutorial. You will also already need to have your rotating banner module configured, banner positions set up and the code implemented in the templates of the skin you will be using before you can complete this tutorial.

Getting Started Adding A New Rotating Banner


You will need to login to your vBulletin AdminCP as an administrator.


On the left hand side of you AdminCP you will see the menu area. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and find this box:

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Click the “Manage Banners” link shown below.

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This will open the rotating banner manager. Here you can add, edit & delete banners. To add a new banner click the “New” button at the top.

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Setting Up Your Rotating Banner Fields

Below are the rotating banner fields, descriptions of them and how to set them up for your banner.

Check and make sure that the banner is enabled by ticking the “Yes” box next to the “Enabled” field.

Name Field

In the “Name” field give your banner a unique name. If you are selling banner spaces then give it the name of the business that the space is for. If not, just make sure its a unique name so that when you go back and look you will know what it is.

Banner Position

Now choose the correct banner position in the “Position” field. You should already have those set up.


You can change the “Likelihood” field if you want, this is entirely up to you. Be sure that you choose a number between 1-100 if you use it. This field indicates the “Likelihood” of when the banner will display.

Banner URL

If your banner will link to another site or page in your site then be sure to put in the full URL including the http:// portion in the “URL” field. If your banner does not link to anything put a link to your advertising page or a place on your website. Your banner click will render a blank page if you put no URL in the field.

Banner Image/Flash

In the “Image / Flash” field you need to put in pathway to your image located on your server or where ever you have uploaded it to. If you have uploaded your banner to your vBulletin images directory then your pathway would be “images/yourbanner.jpg“. No trailing slash and no beginning slash. Be sure to put the correct banner name where you see “yourbanner” in my example and be sure to use the correct file extension (jpg, gif, swf, png, etc.). This banner rotator does allow for flash images so you would put that info in just like any other banner but use the .swf extension as that is most likely what your flash file will have. For information on how to upload your banner through a FTP check our Uploading Files To Your Web Site Via FTP tutorial.

If you want the module to keep up with the amount of clicks on this banner be sure to tick the “Yes” box in the “Click Tracking” field. If not leave it blank.

Limiting the maximum amount that a banner can be clicked can be edited in the “Max. Clicks” field.

The next five fields deal with Flash banners only. If you are not using a flash banner untick any boxes that are ticked and skip down to the “Start Date” field. If you are using a flash banner then put in the proper info requested in the module and tick all the Flash “Yes” boxes. They are pretty self explanatory. If you are not using a swf file then you can skip the Flash banner information area and go down to the “Start Date” field.

Banner Text Option For Adsense Or Another Affiliate

In the “Text” field box you should only use this box to paste your AdSense code or another banner code. If you are not using AdSense or some other banner code then you skip this field and leave it blank. It will not affect the outcome of your banners.

Start & End Dates

Generally you can leave the “Start Date” field as today’s date if the banner will start immediately. But if the banner was secured to start on a certain day then set this to that day, month & year in this field.

Always set your “End Date” field to the proper end date of the banner account. If it should never end then just set the year to 2050 or something of that nature. This way you do not have to continually reset this in the future.

Max Banner Impressions

If you only want the banner to appear for a certain amount of time then set the “Max Impressions” field to the amount that you want it shown. This will show the banner only that number of times to all viewers as a whole. For example, if you set this field to 10 impressions then this banner will only load ten times any time the page is visited or refreshed. It will not make a difference who is viewing the page.

Banner Pages

If you only want the banner to show on the Forum Home page be sure to tick the “Yes” box in the “Forum Home” field. If not and you want the banner to show site wide or on only certain forum areas leave it blank.

Choose the forum areas you want your banner to show in in the “Forums” field. If you do not choose any forums it will show site wide.

Other Fields

The “Usergroups“, “Mail addresses” & “Notes” fields are entirely up to you whether you use them or not. They are self explanatory.

You Are Now Ready To Activate Your Rotating Banner


Once you have entered all the information click the “Save” button shown below.

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Now you should be able to view your new rotating banner in your site. You may need to refresh a few times to see it.

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