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Full Site Backup Using cPanel

cPanel is the most popular web hosting software available. This tutorial will walk you through creating a web site backup with cPanel.

cPanel Backups Tutorial |

Creating A Full Site Backup With cPanel

For those who are pretty good with PC’s & the internet here is a simple step by step tutorial on backing up your entire website quickly & proficiently. In your cPanel you can utilize some built in options if your host allows for them. Some hosts have caps on what size your site can be before they allow a “Full Backup” from the cPanel. If you have a relatively small site then you should have no problem in using this backup option. For larger more complex backups please refer to this SSH tutorial.

Getting Started In cPanel

First, login to your cPanel. Your host should have given you the login credentials when you purchased your hosting plan. If you do not know them ask your host.

Once you have logged in scroll down until you see the “Backups” icon & link.

cPanel Backups Screen 1 |

Click the “Backups” link. It will open to a page that looks like or similar to this:

cPanel Backups Screen 2 |

Click the “Download a Full Website Backup” button to open the backups.

cPanel Backups Screen 3 |

When you click that button it will open a page that looks like or similar to this:

cPanel Backups Screen 4 |

Starting Your Backup Process Using cPanel

Choose the directory you want to back up in the top drop down. If you want to back up everything on your server then leave it as the “Home Directory“. This backup will include all your web site files as well as your database. You can choose to set an email address for the backup to notify you when its done. You do not have to set an email address if you do not wish to. If you do not want to get notification to an email address then simple tick the “Do not send email notification of backup completion.” circle.

Click on the “Generate Backup” button to begin your full backup of your website.

cPanel Backups Screen 5 |

You should see a page that looks like this after clicking the “Generate Backup” button:

cPanel Backups Screen 6 |

At this point you should click the “Go Back” link to check the status of your backup.

cPanel Backups Screen 7 |

Your backup will give you a progress report on this page. Depending upon the size of your website this may take quite some time. Be patient and let it finish.

cPanel Backups Screen 8 |

Wrapping It Up, Grabbing Your Backup

When the backup is finished you will see a link that you can click and download the file. ALWAYS DOWNLOAD THAT FILE IMMEDIATELY! The host may delete the file after a certain amount of time so you should always download this file to your hard drive and save it. In the screen shot below you can see that the backup is finished and ready for download.

cPanel Backups Screen 9 |

Once you have the file downloaded to your hard drive your backup is complete.

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