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Uploading Files With The FileZilla FTP Client

FileZilla is a popular FTP client that is free & easy to use!

Using FileZilla

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If you plan on installing a skin, module, plugin or some other software on your web server then this handy tutorial for using FileZilla should help you complete this task as smoothly as possible.

What Is A FTP?

FTP stands for File Protocol Transfer, which basically means the transference of files over a TCP network like the internet. You utilize a FTP to upload & download files from your web server. Your personal FTP information should have been given to you when your host created your account and your account should come with a FTP already installed. This is usually the job of your web host unless your have purchased a dedicated server or a VPS. Using an FTP is a quick, easy way to get your files in place when you are installing software for your web site.

How Do I Use An FTP?

In order to upload & download files via FTP you will need to install a FTP Client. There are numerous FTP Client’s available on the market, some are free some are not. If you are just using a FTP every once in a while I suggest using a free option like FileZilla. FileZilla is available for most all operating systems including Windows, Linux & MAC. In order to get started you will need to install & configure FileZilla on your computer. This process will depend upon your setup and what OS you run on your computer.

Setting Up FileZilla FTP

In order to upload or download files via FTP you will need your FTP information to setup FileZilla. The following steps will help you with this process. First you will need your FTP IP/domain name, username login & password. If you do not know these then inquire with your host and they should provide you with the correct login credentials.


IP address: 214.86.469.45 / Domain Name:
Username / Login: mydomain
Password: #5gHdi&/~

*Note: Those are not real login credentials they have been placed just for the sake of giving you an example of what to look for from the emails with your host.

Steps To Setup Your Domain In FileZilla

1. Open your FileZilla Client. I used Ubuntu Linux for this tutorial so my FileZilla may look different from yours if you use Windows or another operating system. When you open it, it should resemble or be similar to the screen shot below:

FileZilla Screen 1 |

2. Now you will need to input your credentials. Put your information in the following blocks shown below:

FileZilla Screen 2 |

Yellow: IP Address / Domain Name*
Green: Username**
Blue: Password
Pink: Port number – The port number will most likely always be 21 unless another port is specified by your host.

*Note: In some cases you will need to use in the host field. Usually you can get away with putting just without the ftp:// but some web hosts are set up where the only way you can login via FTP is to use the proper URL.

**Note 2: Sometimes depending upon the hosting setup you may need to use your username in an email address format. If your host gave you a username of myusername then you may need to put instead of myusername.

When setting up your FTP Client you should keep both notes from above in mind. If you should have connection issues, sometimes to fix it its as simple as making changes in your credentials as explained above.

Connecting Via FTP

3. Now click the “Quick Connect” button to the right of the login boxes. This will log you in via FTP to your account.

FileZilla Screen 2 |

4. After clicking the button if this is the first time you have used your FileZilla installation you will see a pop up box asking you if you would like the passwords saved. This is up to you whether or not you want the program to save all passwords.

FileZilla Screen 4 |

I’m Connected, Now What?

5. After you successfully login via FTP, your screen will have the logs of the login at the top, your files & directories on your personal computer or laptop on the left hand side & your website files & directories on the right hand side.

Green: This is where the information or logs of your FTP instances.
Yellow: This box is the files & directories on your website server.
Blue: Your PC/Laptop files & directories.

FileZilla Screen 5 |

6. Now to upload files to your web host you simply navigate to the file you wish to upload on your computer (the left side pane) and then on the right side pane you navigate to where you want to upload that file and then you simply drag that file from the left side to the right side, or you can right click on file and choose the “Upload” option. Before you upload, ensure that you are in the proper directory on your web server.

FileZilla Screen 6 |

Yellow: Your file that you should drag over to the pane on the right hand side.
Blue: The pane you should drag your files into.

You should now be able to upload files to your website via FTP using FileZilla. If you should need any help post a comment here. There is also documentation for FileZilla on their website.

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